Southside Township
mailing address: 1208 Lakeview Pkwy, Buffalo, MN  55313
(320) 274-8602 Clerk's phone.

Town hall address: 8209 County Rd 3 NW, Annandale
Contact the Clerk via email
Call for Bids

         The Southside Township Board requests
proposals for the collection and disposal of
residential recyclable materials included in
which are newspapers, glossy print, corrugated
paper, cardboard, glass bottles, aluminum, tin,
plastic containers and batteries.  The proposal
is for the entire Township of Southside for both
the approximately 574 homestead and
approximately 587 non-homestead properties.
Please note there are several small road in
township that will require service by a small
truck.  (Average monthly participation in 2014
was 227 households per month.) The proposal
includes a request for a performance bond and
contractor insurance.  Please quote as follows:  
1. Curbside pick-up  every other week, single
stream recycling Or, 2.  A manned container
service at the township hall - one time per
month; Or, 3. An unmanned container to be
placed at the town hall.
         Service is expected to begin the month of
May, 2015.
         Proposals are to be mailed to Southside
Township, 1208 Lakeview Pkwy, Buffalo, MN  
55313, Or emailed to and must
arrive no later than 7:00 p.m. Monday, March 30 ,
2015.  Phone 320-274-8602  Quote opening will
be at the town hall, Wednesday, April 1 2015 at
7:00 p.m.
         The board reserves the right to accept or
refuse any or all bids.

Carmen Merrill
Southside Township

Meeting Notices

Notice of Board of Appeal Meeting
Notice is hereby given that the Local Board of
Appeal and Equalization of the Township of
Southside of Wright County, Minnesota, will
meet at the Township Hall in said Township at
9:00 a.m. on Thursday, the 30th  day of April, 2015
for the purpose of reviewing and correcting the
assessment of said Township for the year, 2015.  
All persons considering themselves aggrieved
by said assessment, or who wish to complain
that the property of another is assessed too low,
are hereby notified to appear at said meeting,
and show cause of having such assessment
No complaint that another person is assessed
too low will be acted upon until the person so
assessed, or his agent, shall have been notified
of such complaint.
Dog Catcher Sue Eaton
Southside Township Dog

Southside Township Right of
Way Ordinance
Board Members
Chairperson Phyllis Latour (320) 274-5991
Supervisor Tim Hable  (320) 274-8586
Supervisor Jim Hallstrom (320) 274-5641
Clerk/Treas Carmen Merrill (320) 274-8602
Financial Report
Recycling is  the 1st and 3rd Thursday
of the month. 2015 schedule:
Feb 5 & 19
Mar 5 & 19       
Randy's Recycling
Apr 2 & 16        Information
May 7 & 21        February 2015
Jun 4 & 18
Jul 2 & 16
Aug 6 & 20
Sep 3 & 17
Oct 1 & 15
Nov 5 & 19
Dec 3 & 17
City of Annandale
Wright County
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Monthly Meetings: First Wednesday of
each month at 7:00p.m.
at town hall
Cut off date to be included on agenda is  
10:00 a.m. theThursday preceding the
meeting. Contact the Clerk by phone
320-274-8602 or